"We few, we happy few, we band of brothers;
For he today that sheds his blood with me
Shall be my brother." (Henry V - W. Shakespeare)



Thank you all and... see you!

It is pretty hard to start this message. So many confusing feelings inside. But I will try to do it as I always did: starting it as conversation between friends.

今回のブログ更新はとっても難しいでした。どうやって今までの事を伝えれるのか? やっぱり仲間と喋っている見たい正直の気持ちを伝えたい方がいいと思いました。

After 2 years I am leaving Deução Kobe. For this special time I have to thank many people, so I believe will be better to make a special post for each one.


But first of all I want to say is, from the very bottom of my heart: thank you. You all have made this time special and this final words sad.

でも、最初これを言わないとダメだ と思います。この二年間ピッチ内やピッチ外にと共に戦っていた人達心からありがとうございました。

Before I leave Brazil, I cried so hard because I've had realize how much I was loved and how great was the pain of saying goodbye to the ones you love.


In Nagoya, I was so surprised I could experience that again. So I said when I first came to Kobe that would be wonderful if we could have this feeling again. And... I am happy to say: we did it. Thank you, Kobe.



Thank you and see you again. For sure.