"We few, we happy few, we band of brothers;
For he today that sheds his blood with me
Shall be my brother." (Henry V - W. Shakespeare)



ペドロありがとう ‐ Thank you, Pedro.

僕の大切な友達そして、昨シーズンのコーチペトロエンヒケスさん名古屋のサテライトの監督として辞める事になります。 名古屋だけじゃなくて、日本のフットサルにけっこう大きいな損失です。
My last season's coach and great friend Pedro Henriques will not stay in Nagoya Oceans. It is a great loss for Nagoya and, until this moment, for the japanese futsal to.

この前のルイスフェルナンドコーチの事と一緒。 日本のフットサルを強くするためにペドロとルイスみたいのコーチどんどん読んだ方が良いと思います。 
To develop futsal in a good way we were suppoused to invite more coaches like him and not lose then. It was the same thing when Luis Fernando left us to go to Qatar.

どうやって分からないですけど、ペドロコーチがまだ日本に残ってほしい。 そして、彼の力を使って、日本のフットサルの未来を作りましょう。
I hope someway, somehow Pedro Henriques still can stay in Japan and keep helping us to build the future of the japanese futsal.

これは彼のブログの退団発表です。 英語バージョンだけしか用意してない。
This is his resignation announcement from his blog. Only english version available.

Pedro Henriques announces departure from Nagoya Oceans.

«Pedro Henriques, champion coach Ken-League and Japanese League Satellite 2010/2011, decided against renewing for another 2 year contract proposal by the club Nagoya Oceans and indicates he will seek a «new challenge», staying at the club until the end of March After several weeks of negotiations, coach and club have not reached agreement and the coach will even out.

Despite the insistence of the club, we have not reached agreement. I'm sorry, because I like the club, like the city, I think we could develop further next season, but it would be impossible to work without a translator. »

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